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About Me

            My name is Aaron Henry, I am a student at the University of Louisville, pursuing a degree in computer information systems with a focus on web development. My passion for computers began when I was a little kid, my dad got me an electronics kit from radio shack. We would build radios and other small gadgets together. My dad did most of the work while I watched him, I would hand him the parts he would need next. Looking back, I think it was more of a toy for him than me.

             As I got older, I started playing around with computers and playing video games. Later in high school I took my first class in computer repair. I loved it so much that the next semester I was skipping my 4th period class to go sit in on another computer repair class. I earned my A+ Certification in computer repair while attending high school. As I continued taking information technology classes, I later decided to major in that field.

            As my education in IT grew, it allowed me new career opportunities. During high school I was able to co-op at a local internet provider. I worked for the company assembling and configuring customer’s equipment and providing phone support as needed. After high school, I worked at UPS as part of their supply chain solutions team. Where I would repair laptops made by Toshiba that had been sent in under warranty for repair. I later went on to start my own company that provides a variety of IT services, focusing mainly on supporting small businesses and their infrastructure. Some of the services we provide include server hosting, computer programing, phone, and security systems.

            When I’m not working, I spend a lot of my free time playing video games. I’m currently hyped for Diablo 4, the game is coming out next year. When the weather is nice outside, I like to go for long hikes or bike rides. I also enjoy gardening, while I do grow some plants outdoors, I prefer growing plants indoors in a hydroponic system. With hydroponics, you grow plants in water instead of soil. This allows you to control the different aspects of the growing cycle and reduce the chance of plants being destroyed by pests. My favorite plants to grow are peppers and herbs, I use them a lot in cooking.